Gift Certificate Terms & Conditions

*Gift Certificates are valid for one calendar year from date of purchase.

*Certificates are valid for one standard Beach Shoot for one horse/rider, at the location shown on   face of Certificate.

*Certificate holder is required to give a minimum of 14 (fourteen) days advance notice to book         their Beach Shoot.

*Certificates are valid only for the location marked on them - i.e. 'Holme Beach West Norfolk' or     'Holkham Bay West Norfolk' - and are not interchangeable. 

*Certificates entitle the Holder to one Standard Equine Beach Shoot. 

  This consists of a total of 10 (ten) beautiful and individually edited digital image files provided via    my WeTransfer site to Certificate Holders' email address, at high resolution - within ten days of        shoot.

*Certificate Holder will be advised in advance of tide times, local weather forecast, and optimum      shoot times, and will be supplied with a FAQ information PDF prior to booked shoot date.

*Each 'Holme Beach' Gift Certificate entitles the Holder to free, safe, off-road parking at my   premises on location,   with access to fresh water and washdown area. Parking is restricted to 3.5t   horsebox or trailer due to space limitations.

*Parking costs incurred for Gift Certificates marked 'Holkham Bay' are Certificate holders sole     responsibility on location.



 Certificate holder may reschedule a pre-booked shoot date by email up to 1 (one) calendar   month prior to that pre-booked shoot date. Although every effort will be made to accommodate   the Certificate holders' change of plans - it cannot be guaranteed during the busy Summer   months. 

*Gift Certificates are non-redeemable - other than for one Standard Equine Beach Photoshoot at   location specified on Certificate and may not be transferred to any other type of photoshoot.

It is understood that by purchase of a Gift Certificate that purchaser has read, understood, and accepted these Terms & Conditions.

©2020 Drew J Ford