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Horse Riding on Holme Beach.
Holme Beach welcomes responsible horse riders to the wide open expanse of this beautiful beach. In addition to the sandy beach there are areas that are special for wildlife but vulnerable and easily damaged. Please help us to protect this internationally important nature reserve by observing the following:


*Please access the beach by following the main path - not the smaller path over the dunes. This route takes you directly to the beach and safely through the dunes and saltmarsh that are very easily damaged. Always return by the same route.

*Once on the beach, horses may be ridden anywhere on the sand below the high tide mark. 

*At certain times of the year, small areas are fenced off to protect rare ground nesting birds such as terns and ringed plover. To help protect the nesting area for the birds please avoid the fragile shingle ridges even when there are no fences.

*Riding is not permitted on the sand dunes, shingle ridges, saltmarsh, under any circumstance.
Please exercise care and consideration for other beach users at all times.